About Taxon

About Taxon

Taxon ApS is the leading company within automated metatagging.

Public and private enterprises use our solutions e.g. in automated mail distribution, metatagging in CMS and intranet, journaling, archiving, search optimization and many other areas. 
Our products are called Taxon Classifier and TaxonMail.

Automated metatagging - Taxon Classifier

Taxon Classifier is an Open Source system for automated metatagging,  i.e., classifying electronic documents with metadata.
Taxon Classifier uses a taxonomy to classify documents with metadata.
The taxonomy is 'the backbone' of the tagging. It makes it possible to extract even the hard metadata, it enforces structure and garantees that the classification always is consistent.
The system requires no training before use. As it requires no special training of the end user, it saves time and results in high quality - every time.

Automated maildistribution - TaxonMail

TaxonMail is an automated maildistribution system - safe and easy. It is based on Taxon Classifier.


What is Your next step?

Mail us on contact@taxon.dk or call us on +45 2390 5400.